We know that you have always wanted to see, dear reader, one of those now infamous Panama Papers. The real thing, the paperwork that moves millions and hides many more; that obfuscates and reveals at the same time.


Well, here it is: Correspondent-At-Large presents you the founding documents of the Societé Core Diplomatique Foundation of Panama, for you to download, here. And what we want to know: Why is Dutchman Geerling Offereins listed as the money man of this outfit?

Core Diplomatique is what is called a Panama Private Interest Foundation. The law that regulates it was copied word by word from the Liechtensteiner anstalt law. It offers the advantages of a traditional foundation yet it is allowed to make profits. In Panama, the preferred way to hide beneficial ownership of a corporation is to have the shares owned by one of those foundations, which the owner then secretly controls from behind the scenes.


If you scroll through the document you’ll see that it’s available in bad English next to its original Spanish, and that the people behind the foundation have at the time set themselves some lofty goals. Establishing world peace and minority rights are just the beginning of their plans, as the foundation seeks to educate future diplomats and help current diplomats in need and many other great things — all written up by lawyer Herbert Young and with just $10,000 in founding capital.

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