Speed up a vaccine research and empower all the people in isolation to contribute with a simple puzzle game! 


Solve the puzzle – solve the crisis! Speed up vaccine research. Design 10 Formulas!

It isn’t fake news!
So keep on reading. And share this message. Some 5000.000 gamers (like you?) must be able to make this a success. 
The Winner is… 
….after an online drumroll, April 5th 2020…..the AnalysisMode.com team wins the #hackthecrisis competition!
I speak with two of the team, the day after the night before. On Skype. Their approach: the online simulation tool uses previous data on SARS  virus sample sequences found in China 2003. The goal is to compare the amino acids (letters in the sequence) by their chemical properties. Each amino acid chemical property is represented as a symbol. 

April 6, 2020, I have the Skype conversation with Lithuanian Milda Dapkevičiūtė and her Brazilian business partner Tiago Roberti Sampaio. Winners of the finals of Health & Wellbeing of the #hackthecrisisnl hackathon. The weekend of April,3-5,2020. The competition is fully online. Milda and Tiago both live and work in Luxembourg. Their plan is launched just three weeks ago. On March 21 there is the Lithuanian hackthecrisis hackathon. Then there are also some covid_19 cases in Luxembourg. Tiago sees the opportunity to do something with his knowledge. You must know that Tiago Roberti Sampaio was working in vaccine research years ago! Currently he is a software developer at Amazon. Using data, building a team and then a game. In future a research patent. It’s all possible! 

Also in Belgium the team recently won the third place at a hackathon. Gamification is their approach. Also a social aspect. Everyone is at home now. So the fun aspect is a contribution. A starting point is the SARS virus epidemic of 2003. With the development of a vaccines. Can we use these data?  The chemical symbols are considered as a starting point. Organization of a possible treatment on our own platform is next. The idea is to develop ten formulas that can be offered to the Industry for determining the validity. This saves enormous in time. Compared to the studies for a new vaccine. The formula finds them to contact with game platforms, like Candy Crush. Contact leads with Oxford research and Denmark. Around 5000.000 gamers must be able to get to work. Their wishes is to have more support from industry and universities. 

The sequence mapping we do at AnalysisMode is about detecting patterns in the amino-acid chemical properties of the vaccine formulas of SARS 2003 outbreak, and being able to apply to same pattern to create a vaccine for the new COVID-19 – both being the same family of coronavirus. Humans are better at identifying patterns than machines. Choose different configurations below to help the computer program to improve its accuracy at Vaccine prediction. Analysis Mode — a puzzle-game to empower non-scientific people to join forces & fight diseases by contributing to the vaccine discovery, thus accelerating pharmaceutical research; For the tool to help find vaccine for COVID-19 visit www.analysismode.com.

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Is there an instruction for the gamers?
Go ahead to https://www.analysismode.com/play/ select your country and find vertical patterns in the puzzle. Your goal is to select the symbol repeating the most in each column. 
How many already played the game?
7000 players from 93 different countries. 
 How the ‘translation’ from the game to science works?
Each game play is teaching the AI which symbols (amino acid chemical properties) repeat the most. These are rules the AI used to predict new vaccine formula candidates. 


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