FIMO Health will increase the quality of life of patients suffering from fatigue


My name is Dominik Stiegeler. I am co-founder of FIMO Health. We are developing a product to increase the quality of life of patients suffering from fatigue.

Measuring Fatigue

What was the inspiration for your team to choose fatigue?

For us. We started with a Hackathon co-organized by Deutsche Telekom and Merck. And there was one challenge about developing a biosensor for cancer and other diseases. Then we started looking up what they do have in common. And then we stepped over to fatigue. After this we started interviewing patients. They told us what they suffer and problems they have. Then we realized that there’s actually nobody caring about them somehow. So there is no solution available. It’s even worse than schizophrenia. That is how we started actually. We talked to them and then we realized, okay, this could really help the patients. What we’re doing. This was in December 2018. And January 2019 we decided that the three of the team who were involved in that hackathon,will start to do this as a product. To start a company.

Your team.What kind of people

In our team are now seven people. We have two software developers. We have Yana doing the data analysis. Kira and Johanna who are medical students, so they do all the medical part. And then there’s Alex (Krawinkel) and me. We’re doing the management of the company. We don’t develop a hardware product. So we use third-party devices.Like Garmin and others. It’s not a perfect solution. So we are still looking for the one device that will capture it all.

Measuring several parameters
What kind of data you you are looking for to have an idea about fatigue?  What we measure at the moment is  pulserate, how long people sleep and with which quality they sleep. How much activity they have. How many steps there are done. The environment outside. It’s the ambient noise, ambient light and ambient temperature, Humidity, airpressure.  We use three questionnaires.

Why did you start in in The Netherlands
The Rockstart company probably is mostly about the Network. So we realized that healthcare space is really complex and also difficult. You need to have people who knew the area to navigate through it. This was probably the reason why we also joined and get to a point that we we looked for a healthcare specialized program. There’s one in Berlin but it’s not that good. Our company itself is in Cologne (Germany).

Rockstart was probably the most obvious choice. The next steps will be equip patients with fatigue with our solution. And see whether our product really works. And also look into other directions. We can also apply the solution because what you have is that we measure, like environments parameters and vital signs. And those are relevant for a lot of diseases. It is not only about fatigue. There are a lot of other uses. So as migraine would be possible or epilepsy.

Do you deliver all the the equipment
At the moment they need to use our hardware. They need to give it back  on a later stage.



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