It is february 2019, the famous congress in Ypres (Belgium)

To try and get people vaccinated

      Professor John Oxford pointing at the screen

Two very intense days studying on Spanish Flu (pandemic)<> First World War interaction

Virologist and Historians meeting and discussing in Belgium. New insights. But early in 2019 nobody realises what will happen within a year. The Covid19 pandemic. There is an opportunity to ask virology professor prof. John Oxford in the pause after his lecture (picture).

Lessons learned?

Q: Are we prepared (Jan Taco te Gussinklo)?

A: Prof.John Oxford
At the end then, I told that we are quite prepared now for a flu pandemic you know, this new drug discovered, Rochester discovered a new drug. People who work in the University through Flu vaccines, Every country’s got a pandemic plan. So it’s not as though we would be disorganized. I don’t think so. They may have had riots in cholera times, then even had riots in smallpox, and I don’t see any riot for the pandemic of flu.

Q: How about the anti-scientific movement (Jan Taco te Gussinklo)?

A: Prof.John Oxford
Scientific movement will be here is something else to deal with. Because they could be a chink in the armor, really, To try and get people vaccinated with anger to refuse, they’re going to get infected and spread the virus. And so that they could be, you know, definitely a weak spot, they are a weak spot already in the fight against polio and they are a weak spot in the fight against measles and mumps, rubella, refusing vaccination. So they all get polio, ger measles and mumps and spread it. It’s a fairly dangerous spot.

Thank you (Jan Taco te Gussinklo)



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