Blendle Button prices – FAQ

You can set articles prices on your own site using our Blendle WordPress plugin. This feature is experimental, occasional problems may occur. Please note that these prices only apply to articles on your own site – the Blendle kiosk uses the Reporters Online defaults (€0,29 up to 600 words, €0,69 for longer articles).

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Q: How do I set prices?

A: Choose from the available prices in the dropdown..minimum price is €0,05, maximum price is €0,99. You can also set the price in $.

Q: Can I change it afterwards?

A: Yes. Don’t forget to press Update..

Q: What happens if I don’t set a price and turn ‘Pay with Blendle’ on?

A: The price will be one of the RO defaults, based on word count. See above.

Q: Can I give image only articles a price, or articles containing only video?

A: Yep! Won’t work in Blendle (price will be set to €0,01, but will work on your own website. Best results are achieved when you use separate paragraphs for images or video, you can set the number of free paragraphs per article in the plugin settings.