Starting out – FAQ

Reporters Online is a collective of freelance journalists who publish their own articles in online newsstands like Blendle. We aim to give freelancers as much opportunities to publish and sell their own work as we can. Here’s what we do…with as little nerdspeak as possible.

– I have an article I’ d like to publish in Blendle. How do I do that?

Please register and upload your first article here! You must register first. Please mail us if you have any trouble at [email protected].


– What do you do with that article?

We put it in Blendle, so that readers can buy it. They can also buy it on Reporters Online itself, but readers mostly prefer Blendle. So should you.

– How do I know how many times my article is read and bought?

We send and update each quarter. If you can’t wait that long: feel free to ask anytime.

– Why can’t I see the results myself?

Because, at least for now, you would have access to not just your own, but all author sales results in the process. And they to yours. Eventually all third parties we work with will have the proper database connections. so we can show them directly/

– Ok. And if I want to publish another article?

The first article you publish should sell about 50, otherwise it’s not much use for either you or us. Don’t worry: almost every author that joins us gets to 50 in a couple of days max. When they do, they get and account on RO and can post articles themselves.

– How?

By uploading them to our WordPress CMS. If you know WordPress, it’s a piece of cake. For others there’s a comprehensive manual. The basics of the latter: if you put the headline and the text in the prpoer boxes, if we can see what you want as a lead and if you upload an image – it is 95 percent done.

– Can I post any article?

Provided you have the copyrights to it: yes. We don’t publish anything illegal, and we don’t publish pornography.

– I have my own website. Can I sell my articles there too?

Sure, if you are using WordPress as a CMS.

– How does that work?

You install a so-called ‘plugin’. If you do not know how to install those, we do it for you. After that you just check a button. Your readers will be able to pay with a Blendle account, not with anything else (Paypal etc.) Works out of the box most of the time, if it doesn’t, we’ll help you out ASAP.

You can also use this plugin to publish your articles in Blendle itself. See here.

– Why can’t I publish in Blendle directly?

Because your articles need to be converted to the proper text format. We’ll spare you the (fairly complicated) technical details.

– I don’t have a WordPress site but one with … as a CMS. Can I use your plugin?

For now: no.

– How much do I earn?

You earn royalties on the sale of your articles. How much it is depends on how many items you sell, obviously.

Deducted from you gross sales will be:

– VAT: 21% (yeah, we know..)

– Blendle commission: 30%

Of the remaining amount, you’ll get 90%, 10% goes to Reporters Online for administration and support.

– Are these percentages the same when I’m selling IN Blendle and when I’m selling articles on my own website?


– Ah..ok, nice. I don’t like your Reporters Online brand though. Can I have my own?

Course you can. See here.

More informatie on Reporters Online:

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Or just register!