FAQ/terms and conditions of Reporters Online

FAQ/terms and conditions of Reporters Online


Reporters Online operates worldwide, but some of our activities are currently restricted to The Netherlands. For more detailed information in Dutch please click here.

Reporters Online is a platform for (freelance) journalists that want to sell their articles directly to readers. The platform was created to provide an additional source of income for journalists.

Reporters Online appears at the site reportersonline.nl. Our articles also appear in online newsstands like Blendle.

Joining Reporters Online is easy: after registering with us, we ask you to sell 50 items of your first article through Blendle. If you succeed, we’ ll put up a profile for you within Reporters Online and distribute your articles to our partners and sell them on our website.

From 2016 onwards, you can also sell your articles on your own website by using our WordPress plugin (see below). The plugin can be used without our regular participation procedure, although you do need to register for an account with us.

We work with WordPress as a CMS, authors are responsible for their own publications. You can publish articles in English, German and Dutch. We do a technical check on your posts and can assist with finding images for your articles, we do NOT edit your articles.

For our CMS a manual is available on how to publish articles.

Reporters Online is not in any way exclusive: we do not claim copyrights, our (your, that is) articles may appear elsewhere, articles from elsewhere may appear on RO (if you have the copyright of course), you can also publish at competing platforms, articles from Reporters Online can be supplied to third parties and you can also do this yourself. The copyright on your articles rests with you.

Marketing and management

We provide for promotion of published articles, through social media and mailings. But marketing is primarily the responsibility of our authors. Occasionally we make articles on reportersonline.nl available for free, to build brand awareness. We only do this with articles that have been for sale for more than four weeks.

You are responsible for the content and rights management of your articles. If you select images you are responsible for the proper use of rights. We have limited additional images available. If required we can help with legal problems, but we do not check the copyrights on your articles en other media en we do not accept responsibility for copyright violations by our authors in any way.

If you join Reporters Online, there are no requirements on frequency of publication etc. We expect you to treat your (our..) readers well and to respect the law (in your articles). We don't publish pornographic content. Republication of articles that have been published elsewhere is allowed if you have the copyrights on those articles. Reporters Online does not publish articles externally on weekends, unless it's urgent.

Participation in Reporters Online is free, we earn our money by charging a fee of 10% on all sales. If you join, please do so for at least a year.


90% of the net proceeds of everything sold through Reporters Online is for the author / authors, and 10% is for Reporters Online. Net proceeds are the proceeds when sales tax (BTW, 21%) and Blendle-commission (30%) are substracted. Rule of thumb: half of gross proceeds are for you. This applies to articles sold on Reporters Online, sold on Reporters Online outlets such as Blendle, sold by using our payment systems etc.

We never charge a commission on articles not sold by or through us. You can sell articles initially made for Reporters Online to others without permission from us – since you own your own copyrights.

WordPress plugin

Reporters Online has a WordPress plugin available that allows users to sell articles on their own website by using media micropayment systems. The plugin also allows you to publish your articles in Blendle. You need an account with Reporters Online to use it. After registration we’ll do a short check on the site you want to use it for – you’re not allowed to sell anything illegal using our plugin. If you do so, we will cancel your account.

We provide a quarterly overview of your royalties by email. You can ask at any time if you need to know. We’ll respond as soon as we can. We only provide a quarterly overview when the total amount of your royalties exceeds €5.

Prices in Blendle for articles are fixed at €0,29 for short articles and €0,69 for features. On your own site and on RO you can set any price you want. Reporters Online keeps tab on your royalties. We charge  €7,50 per year administration cost for use of our plugin and a 10% commission on all (net) sales through our plugin, after tax (prices include VAT/BTW of 21%) and payment provider costs (Blendle 30%, Katalysis 20%). Both are deducted from your royalties, there are no upfront costs. We handle VAT/BTW payments (in the Netherlands – we are obliged to do so).


You will receive an update of your royalties by email at least each quarter of the year. We only provide a quarterly overview when the total amount of your royalties exceeds €5.

Before we can pay your royalties we need your bank account data, you'll receive an email about it. You only need to do this the first quarter you publish articles through Reporters Online (or if your bank account changes..). Your data are stored safely.

We pay royalties as soon as possible after each quarter, with a minimum of 30 days. For Dutch journalists: we do not need a VAR or a contract. BTW/VAT on sales will be paid by Reporters Online under Dutch law & conditions.

Law stuff

Reporters Online is a content distribution platform and not a publication. Authors who publish through Reporters Online are fully responsible and liable for the content of the text and for images they publish through our content distribution system. Please contact us if you detect a copyright violation, we'll notify the author(s) and take it offline when necessary.



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