Waiting Lists Under Attack. Pact Care target domains by using automation

Innovatief gebruik van data kan wachtlijsten aanzienlijk verminderen, aldus de oprichters van Pact Care

On the background the noise of the Rockstart Community. Here Startups in Health will find their way to scale-up. It is Health Product Day, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Thursday, Januari 16th, 2020

Every day in hospitals, clinics & different departments there’s spare capacity and unused appointment slots

My name is André Fialho. I’m a co-founder & ceo in Pact Care. We are a startup since 2018. We have noticed from firsthand experience of my co-founder Chao, a physician here in The Netherlands, that every day in hospitals, clinics & different departments there’s spare capacity and unused appointment slots. Cancellations we’re talking about. Very expensive resources. It’s a surgery room or diagnostic equipment. Or if a certain clinic is trying to reach their targets of outpatient clinic numbers. On the other hand we see that are there patients waiting weeks or months for an appointment. In several specialties. 

A snapshot (André Fialho) co-founder & CEO

The whole interview (4+ minutes) on YouTube https://youtu.be/AteM6jNkHrA

So right now the way that these unused appointments are trying to be fulfilled is by having the secretaries or the planners to call patients. Try to see if they can come in last minute for an appointment that was cancelled. But it’s very inefficient. So what we’re trying to do is on a smart fast way to matchmake these unused appointments.  In a very fast automated way instead of using the phone.

At this early stage just simple information regarding what the patient is looking for is needed.  What is his or her availability in terms of time of the day. What is the distance willing to travel. What kind of hospital or region you are willing to visit. Based on that, we can match make it with available spots from different regions and different hospitals or clinics in the region. So right now we’re looking first into areas where they have some very long waiting times. We’ve heard that for example in Ophthalmology for certain simple procedures like cataract surgery sometimes waiting times are six months or almost one year. So given that every day there’s opening slots, we help these patients on a long waiting list to be seen earlier and by filling in this empty that slots.

So we are planning to have by the end of March  our first procedure. We’re now trying to find partners for a pilot test of our solutions. That would happen over the second/ third quarter of this year. We also plan to throughout mid-year start working on certifications. And at the end of the year for data management. On top of our priorities in the network are also the Health Insurance Companies with their call centers. We have learned that at  Zorgcoach what they do is also very manual. If a patient asks for their help, they basically try every day to call different departments to see if there’s anything available sooner. So again a very manual process. Are they interested in using our tool to help their customers and their patients??


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