Why does this card attract attention

I can read some words from this neatly typed postcard

That is primarily due to the date

April 9, 1941

And….Today 80 years ago
But also the knowledge that it is a postcard from the then Dutch East Indies. At a time when the motherland is occupied by Germany and the Second World War is raging. This text is not in Dutch (like much correspondence at the time), but in Indonesian. Can you draw conclusions from that. Sentiments of independence??

Google Lens
I can read some words from this neatly typed postcard. Artificial Intelligence (Google Lens) already provides more of a glimpse. But not everything is translated correctly. Are these already outdated concepts? Maybe a reader knows. But it does become clear that it concerns goods that are apparently expected, but have been delayed. I read the word beer twice and sherry once. But they were already as such in the original.

Toko (meaning: shop) Tong Sang is mentioned in this Newspaper , de Indische Courant of August 12, 1941. The card is sent to Hoppenstedt a Trading Company. It arrived a day later, the 10th of April in Soerabaia by Kartoepoes. The distance between the two cities nowadays is two hours by car. Within a year the capitulation to the Japanese will change everything.


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