Why Jesus Christ is not your typical macho man. And why that matters.


We are living in the strongmen era, so we are told. Rulers like Jair Bolsonaro, Viktor Orbán, Vladimir Putin and, of course, Donald Trump dominate the daily news. All of them, in their own way, emphasize the importance of typically masculine values like strength, pride and boldness. At the same time, they tend to present themselves as the saviors or ultimate representatives of Christian culture.

As we live through the Holy Week, this makes one wonder. To what extent is the gospel of Jesus of Nazareth, with his humiliating death on Good Friday, compatible with the philosophy of strongmen?


In order to explore this topic, let’s have a look at the great prophet of modern day’s angry young men. I am talking, of course, about Jordan Peterson, the psychiatrist who (willingly or not) became the guru of revived masculinity. In his bestselling book 12 Rules For Life, he writes a good deal about order and chaos, the male and the female… and Jesus Christ.

Alain Verheij is gefascineerd door alle plaatsen en momenten waar tijd en eeuwigheid elkaar ontmoeten. Denk daarbij aan kunst, cultuur, religie en schoonheid in de breedste zin van die woorden. Verder heeft hij een groot zwak voor taal en promoveert hij op het Ugaritisch.