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Our mission is to support (freelance) journalists and provide an additional source of income for them. We do this by selling their work in online newsstands like Blendle , but also by providing technology and marketing services for journalists that want to collect donations.

We believe that the best way for journalists to be truly independent is to create direct relationships with their audience. Trust in journalism can only be maintained when media makers and people looking for information and perspective can communicate directly. Part of this relationship is, necessarily, financial support. Media are in crisis, and this crisis will most likely continue. So journalists need the support of the people they work for: their audience. Sponsors of journalism and journalists. Reporters Online provides services that enable both journalists and their sponsors to do so.

We have recently started this service; we do not, af this point in time, have a complete set of terms and agreements. We do, however, have a couple of simple guiding principles.

  • Our journalists can be sponsored by their audience. This can never erode their independence in any way.
  • Our journalists and their sponsors are a community with a joint goal: to provide good journalism. They work together to achieve this goal.
  • The primary way to promote the work of journalists is to do exactly that: to promote their work. The platform of Reporters Online, and all marketing activities, will be focused on publication of journalism.
  • Reporters Online facilitates the communities of journalists and their sponsors and does not influence their joint operation in any way, within the limits of the law. Reporters Online does not facilitate journalism that is unlawful or discriminatory and will see to it that donations are not used in a fraudulent way.
  • 90% of all generated revue for journalists will always go to them, 10% will go to Reporters Online to support and maintain the platform. Donations to Reporters Online will be used exclusively to support and maintain the platform.

Within in the next couple of years we will upgrade this service to a full fledged donations platform for independent journalism. Lots of thing will change. The principles stated above will not.

If you need more information or if you have any questions: please mail us,



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