Syndication by TCE

As of October 2020, articles published on Reporters Online will als be offered for syndication on the content syndication platform TCE.

Syndication allows third parties (publishers, companies etc.) to republish you article in and on their media and sites for a fixed fee of €100. You will receive 80% (VAT excluded) of this fee, TCE charges a commission of 20%.

All articles can be offered for syndication, you will receive a fee for every instance your article is bought. To participate you need to have the copyrights of your article, it's no problem if it has already been published somewhere else but you need to be sure of your copyrights. We consider it polite to notify us and possible buyers by adding a note to the text, for example "Has been published before on ... in ..." or something similar.

You don't have do to anything to participatie, Reporters Online takes care of all technical and distribution details. However, please notify us if you do NOT want to participate.

Payment of your royalties will be made monthly by Reporters Online, after we have received them from TCE.

For more information, contact us at [email protected].