10 things you need to know to publish your work on Reporters Online

10 things you need to know to publish your work on Reporters Online

Don't worry: the stuff below may seem complex to people not used to WordPress, but it's quite impossible to do anything completely wrong.

Update 11/07/2018 For selling articles on Reporters Online itself, you can now use the Katalysis payment system as explained below. For more information see our manual.

1 - Login

Click here: https://reportersonline.nl/inloggen/ Enter your name or mail-address as a username, and your password of choice. Please use only lowercase for you user name, and don't use spaces. You can change this password later, see below.

2 - Dashboard

After logging in you will see a basic instruction manual. On the left, you see this:

Posts: an overview of all your articles. In some cases, you will also see articles of others. You cannot edit these, only your own. The most important: - Add new, to start publishing a new article - Media: your images and other media - Profile: to change the biography and social media links in your profile and your password. You cannot use HTML-links in your biography text.

3 - Start your post

Articles have a header/title, a body text and an introduction. See below for where to put them: Tip: title field and body field you will always see, the excerpt/introduction is sometimes missing . In that case, go to'Screen options' on the top right of the post page and check the Summary' or Excerpt'-box Title: 1 sentence wil do Intro: up to 3 sentences. Less is more Body text: knock yourself out, can be as long as you want.


4 - Lay-out

Keep it as simple as possible. Many things that can be done in WordPress do not show well with third parties where we publish our articles. pieces.Align, lists, adding forms, etc., etc : don't bother. Et is our good, it will look good on Reporters Online but not on for example Blendle. We can't do anything about that, sorry Each paragraph and subheader should be in a separate paragraph. No soft returns and line breaks please.

Subheaders should be in bold, you can do that by selecting the text and pressing the B to the top left of the body text box. This one:


5 - Advanced lay-out

If you're finished with your text, you can do some additional things with the editor. This one:

Kleine balk


And the bigger version of  it (click on the boxes icon left of the money to see it):

Grote balk

In 99.99% of cases you'll need only two: The double quote-icon. This one:


This is used to make streamers/quotes. Select a text (preferably a short one) and click on the quotes icon: voila!. This should also be on a new paragraph: so enter your quote and press enter afterwards.

The other one you might need is this:


It's used to enter hyperlinks. Select text, click on the link, fill in a link, and then click the blue pencil:

Done. All other icons: you can use them, if you know what you're doing, and at your own risk. But assume that on many sites where our articles are published the results will either not be visible or look weird. Our advice: do not use them.

6 - Add images

Each article must have at least one image. If you can't find anything, we can help. Please use images that you're allowed to use. If you don't, we do not accept responsibility, so please check if you can use the images you choose. Photographers need to make a living too. We have (limited) access to the image databases, so you can ask if you need help searching. To upload an image, choose 'Set featured image' neer the bottom right of your post page:  Then choose 'Upload file' and drag or select your image. You'll see this on the right side of the page (you can see more, but just ignore that):

Featured Image



Title is the name of the image file. Usually it's something like IMG _ ^% ^ $% ^. It is convenient to give every image your last name and a description, so we can find the images in our archive. Think: HaightonFarmyard. You MUST enter a caption. In the 'Caption' field, not anywhere else. When all is set, click:

This 'featured image' is first on in your article. That's not to say it will also always be the first one on sites like Blendle, they have a funny way of sometimes mixing up images. You can put up to nine other images in your text by clicking 'Add Media', top left above the body text:

The procedure is similar to that of the featured image.

7 - What kind of images?

To start: please treat a video link as a regular link. We can embed video, most external sites like Blendle wil not show it embedded. So it does not make much sense to use embedded video. So you can best use a regular link: select text, click the link icon, fill link, click 'Add Link'. Images: you must be allowed to use them, and they need a caption. Furthermore, they should be as large as possible. If it is enormous it is automatically scaled, so don't worry about site speed. You can not upload TIFF's, you can upload GIF's but only the first image will show. Large images are no problem, small images are. A picture MUST at least  be1024 pixels in width or height, you can see that by (Mac) clicking Command-i and (Windows) Control-i. Look at the information in Dimensions. Images do not have to be both higher and wider than 1024 pixels, one of them will do. Otherwise, they will look ugly on some third party sites. If your image is to small: please use a bigger one.

8 - Publishing

When you're all set, there is just one thing you need to do: save the document, or publish it. Advanced users can publish their articles themselves, click:

With less experienced users we'll do a technical check, in which case you will see en need to click on:

What you can do, but don't need to do, is tag your articles.

9 - What happens then?

- It usually takes about an hour before items are live in Blendle and other sites we work with. Occasionally these sites have technical problems, so it may take a little longer.

- It is NOT easy to adjust mistakes, so edit your text well before you publish it. On Blendle corrections don't update automatically, please notify us if we need to change your post. If it's really urgent (because of legal reasons, for example) we can probably help you out, but this may take some time. We don't do any editing ourselves.

10 - Finally

These are the basics of our CMS, they are in almost all cases sufficient. If you need further assistance we have  a closed Facebook group, (Dutch, but we understand English...) and you can also mail to: support@reportersonline.nl. We try to reply as soon as possible - we usually (but not always) succeed.