About Reporters Online

About Reporters Online

Can a band put its music in Spotify? Yes, it can. Can a freelance journalist publish his or her own articles in online newsstands such as Blendle? Yes, they can. As of now. With Reporters Online. Publish yourself, keep your copyrights, and a large part of the proceeds is for you.

How does it work?

Simple: you publish your articles on Reporters Online, we make sure that they end up in Blendle. You (and we) to do the marketing of these articles: together we make sure that your readers know what you have published.

Who are we?

These journalists publish on Reporters Online. For now, they're mainly Dutch. We have no editor in chief or any other kind of editor, and certainly no editing. You are fully in charge of your own work.

What does it cost?

Participation is free, we charge a fee of 10% on every article sold. Your articles will cost €0,29 (short stuff) and €0,69 (feature stories).

Where are the articles published?

Non-Dutch articles are published in Blendle (German and Dutch version).

What languages?

Reporters Online is a Dutch company, most of our articles are in Dutch. You can publish in English or German. The site is (for now) in Dutch, we have an English version planned. Won't be long.

And this website?

Our readers read your work in online newsstands like Blendle. On this site you can see which articles have just been published and who participates in Reporters Online. Starting September 2015, we also sell your articles on this site itself (using the Blendle payment system).

You can find more details here.

Or mail us: info@reportersonline.nl

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