WordPress plugin by Reporters Online

WordPress media payments plugin


Q: What’s the RO Pay plugin?

A: A WordPress plugin that allows you to publish articles from your own site in the online newsstand Blendle.

Q: Where can I get it?

A: Here. Or click the button below. Hint. You need the zip file inside the folder..

Q: What is Reporters Online?

A: A Dutch cooperation that provides services to freelance journalists. Chief among those services: publication of your articles in Blendle and other digital newsstands, and this plugin.

Getting started

A lot of the stuff below, possibly with the exception of 'Money', is mainly of interest to advanced users or web developers. What you NEED to know to sell articles on your site with this plugin is:

Register with Reporters Online to get the plugin.

- We'll send you an email with the download link to our plugin. This may take some time, and check your junkmail folder...

- Install the plugin. You'll see RO Pay on your WordPress dashboard. (More on how to install plugins: here... This one needs to be uploaded manually for now)

- In the right sidebar of your articles back end, you now see a button 'send to online newsstands'. Check it. The first time you do this, please notify us as we have to do some work on our side to get your articles to Blendle.

Get the plugin

Q: How can I get the plugin?

A: You need to register with us.

Q: How does it work?

A: After registration with Reporters Online (free), we’ll send you the plugin. This can take up to 24 hours because we have to do some checking first. Upload the zip-file as you would with any other plugin.

Publish your articles in Blendle

Q: What is the ‘Send to online newsstands’ button for?

A: It sends your article to Reporters Online for publication in Blendle. This may take some time, because we have to do some technical checks, mostly on images, before passing it on. Please notify us if you want to use this service: [email protected].

Q: Can I send any article to Blendle?

A: If there isn’t anything illegal in it: yes. It has to meet certain technical requirements though, the two most important are: use large images (.jpg or .png), and keep in mind that Blendle is not exactly made for multimedia. Video embedding won’t work, for example, and neither will anything more advanced than that. For more details, see our CMS manual.

Q: Should I use that button?

A: If you want to reach an audience of 1.300.000 plus and growing fast, the answer is probably yes..

Q: What is the overview tab for?

A: It shows which articles you have send to Blendle.


Q: Does this plugin work on wordpress.com sites?

A: No. You need a self-hosted WordPress site.

Q: On what (WordPress) sites will this plugin work?

A: Most sites and themes should work, but you need WordPress 3.1.3 or higher. If it doesn't work or if you encounter plugin conflicts: please mail us at [email protected]. For security reasons it's best to use a PHP-version of 5.3 or higher. Contact you hosting company if you need an upgrade.

Q: How can I reach you for support?

A: We prefer to handle all plugin questions in a Facebook group (mainly Dutch, but English spoken). This keeps communication efficient. For complicated issues: mail us at [email protected], response will be significantly less fast.

Q: What is your response time for support?

A: On Facebook, 18/7 nearly realtime (Amsterdam CET, the other six are for sleeping).

Q: Is there a support forum?

A: No. Please use Facebook.


Q: How can I see my sales in Blendle?

A: We' mail you an update each quarter. You can ask for your results anytime, we'll respond as soon as we can.

Q: How will I get my royalties?

A: Before we can pay your royalties we need your bank account data, we'll mail you about it. You only need to do this the first quarter you publish articles through Reporters Online (or if your bank account changes..).

We need a minimum of 30 days after each quarter for payments. For more information see our Terms and Conditions.

Q: How much royalties will I get?

A: Short answer: about 50% of net sales. After deduction of BTW/VAT, Blendle charges a 30% commission on payments, we charge 10% on Blendle sales. Prices include BTW/VAT. For more information: read our terms of use.