Lately, I read in an article of a psychologist that World peace wouldn’t be possible. But what if it still is? Peace is a deep need of man and a much faster development would be possible.


This because much energy gets lost in destroying and rebuilding. What if all that energy ‘is invested in the future’? An even greater technological development would be the consequence. Problems like diseases, bad education and such, would be adressed much more quickly. Space travel would improve and for example pollution would be adressed much quicker and more effectively.

Economic measure

How to come to such a situation, in the first place? According to me it is of much importance to take all more responsability for how things go in the World. ‘Improve the World, begin by yourself’. Less ‘I’ and more ‘to cooperate’.

But another economic system would also help and a support into the right direction is certainly needed. I would like to propose ‘Income Depending Payment Worldwide’. It would balance such that trade wars or other wars wouldn’t be necessary anymore: peace. And that peace is important. The need for it is deeply rooted in man and it is in everyone’s interest, and general interest is of more importance than individual interest. What would it be nice to be able to travel over the World without worries, without fear for violence or criminality! To be able to direct one’s energy towards the positive. Trust.

Political system

And what if we voted according to income? Isn’t that a good idea? It would be an incentive as with a higher income, more political influence, but also more responsability. By the economic measure everyone, so also countries, have more opportunity to grow. When they grow, they also get more influence. Handy, not? The economic and political possibilities would ‘fluctuate’ over the World.


This all with the goal to live as ecologically as possible and as such, to promote ecology, so, to live in harmony with the earth, the plants and the animals.

What if this would be possible? It would be the realisation of John Lennon’s dream, interpreted in the song ‘Imagine’. Wonderful!'
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