Where is Simon Rubin

Simon Rubin apparently made a switch, but that is not clear

Where is Simon Rubin, chairman of the Board, nowadays

No picture here! If you search on LinkedIn, you will see several references to the name. That doesn’t make much progress if you don’t have much more to offer for a search. Such as an email address or telephone number. It mainly concerns (business) activities related to ICT and especially Blockchain.  But that might be helpful, because then you are talking about fairly specific expertise. Therefore the website might be helpful, but it isn’t.  There didn’t change a lot on the Homepage. As you can see in the Wayback Machine archives (making snapshots of Homepages). Green colour means referral to an other website. Dimishing activity?

My Involvement
My fascination was not focused on cryptocurrency but the Blockchain technology. I jumped in the company FirstBitcoin because of their ideas about this innovation. But problems arose. FirstBitcoin.io is a Fintech oriented company with a Canadian and later Israel branch. I could find the premises on Streetview. Problems  with SEC (watchdog) that at one point stopped the trading OTC (over the counter) shares two years ago. In discussion forums, the company was less positively spoken, although the purchase of the patent for ATM machines for cryptocurrency seemed to give a boost. Read this post:

It was a surprise recently in 2020. The transfer of a significant interest to BOTS (BTZI) in Puerto Rico. A company with a rather dubious past. Simon Rubin apparently made a switch, but that is not clear. It was suggested that the ultimate goal was integration. Shareholders of BITCF were promised an interest in Bots (1 in 4 shares). But that promise has not yet been fulfilled.  Strangely enough, network analysis (DomainBigData and Whois) shows that, for example, on Twitter BITCF follows BOTS, but not the other way around. Suspect?

The price of BITCF is also constantly falling and that of BOTS slightly upwards. I managed to discover a photo of  Greg Rubin, the former CEO of FirstBitcoin. Here, while still residing in British Columbia some years ago. A visit from Ukrainian business partners resulted in a group photo. But then with Greg Rubin, who indeed does respond to messages.  Family? The same person?


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