Your audience in your pocket

We have thousands of customers. No advertising and outside funding: Authory

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Your audience in your pocket
And here is a quote from David Pogue: As the media world collapses, splinters, and shifts around us, Authory makes it possible for YOU to be the brand, not your current publication. Readers can be YOUR audience, not your employers

On March 16, 2021, I had a half-hour conversation with Eric Hauch from Authory. We speak in English, but some words also in German language. The reason is my participation in an online course entitled “Newsletter Strategies for journalists”. In 4 weeks an insight into what is possible with Newsletters. The importance of the old trusted email. Own plans and experiences as journalists are requested by the organizers and that results in a wealth of responses in the course, but also via a separate Facebook group.

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For some time I have been using the Newsletter service provided by Authory, the archive, the the portfolio of documents I ever wrote. I am one of the first customers & believers, so I have good contact with founder and CEO Eric Hauch in Hamburg. I wrote a message about that contact before.
Two years
It has been exactly two years since we had a conversation. Online these COVID19 days, of course, via ZOOM. Nice to meet each other early in the morning. Authory as a company is pursuing organic growth. There are several thousand participants. “We work with 4 full-time and a few freelancers. Many countries are represented in the user group. US and UK. But also people from New Zealand, India and Russia for example”.
All revenues go back to the company. No advertising and outside funding. We carefully gather customer feedback. Expansion with other media such as video or podcast is certainly being looked into. Not only written stuff. The benefits for journalists are specifically looked at. Also stories on Instagram.We want to give you several benefits. But each of them should be enough for a membership. Some high profile journalists especially like this aspect of the Newsletter.
A version for the reader is not yet there. Now we focus on the creators. An update some months ago makes the Newsletter more sophisticated. You can now see what we send next, the content, a list of your subscribers, opening and click rates, a subscriber base, email base. You can decide whether to send daily or weekly, make a timescheme, you can give it a new name. In the future we plan the possibility for comments and involving links. A company like Substack is basically asking you to become a Substack writer (as Medium also wanted it). But a lot of people are not interested and we will give them a platform. We don’t expect you to give up your professional life, but give you tools, enhancing that for you.
Drag and Drop
We want next in future that you can drag and drop your content to a Newsletter. We would like to keep it as simple as possible. If you want to send customized Newsletters, we will allow you to do that. It’s a big driver to acquire new customers, who didn’t think about using Authory before. For us with a headquarter in the European Community (EU) privacy is an important issue. But it might be interesting for you to share information with other writers.

Tech writer
An example, one of our more famous customers is a technology journalist. David Pogue. He worked on the New York Times and Yahoo, on CBS television. He wants a central place where he can take his audience to, wherever he goes next. He wants his audience with him, when changing to a new job. He doesn’t want to start with nobody, from scratch. He is not interested in a new publication platform on his own. Tech columnist David Pogue, called “one of the world’s best explainers”


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